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Paving stones in Toronto

Paving stones in Toronto

Do you want to lay out a paving stones in Toronto on a residential plot? Then you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the technological process and the nuances of laying. The power of the footpaths and part of the adjacent territory, creates a well-groomed and complete view of the landscape, allows you to move freely in any direction.

What's a good Paving stones in Toronto when building facilities?

Paving stone in Toronto is a great solution to practical and aesthetic issues in the yard of your home. That's why many homeowners are interested in how to put a paving stone in the yard of a private home, thus ensuring that it is clean and cozy.

If you have no experience in paving, you can order the laying of paving tiles in Toronto to the yard of the house in a company specializing in such tasks. A reliable partner in this area of customer service is Captain Handy, whose professional craftsmen will quickly achieve the intended result.

When using tile material for paving adjacent areas, several important goals are achieved:

  • to improve the appearance of the landscape;
  • to clean up the courtyard;
  • preventing the lanes from being flooded;
  • conditions are created for comfortable and safe movement.

Paving tiles in Toronto to the yard is justified also because it does not require special knowledge and skills necessary to create a paved area. In addition, this building material has a democratic price, which is important in the choice of means of improving the home ownership.

What do you need to learn before working with a paving stone in Toronto?

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with all the features and nuances of the tile paving process before starting work. Learn all the details and avoid possible errors.

Soil Features>

Paving stone in Toronto is laid taking into account the characteristics of the ground surfaces in the yard of a private house. If the soil is inclined to move, crumbling, which may result in the formation of voids, you should choose a reliable way of paving tile elements. In the case of hard soils, tiling on a sand cushion can be avoided.

Estimated load>

Laying Captain Handy to the yard of a private house is carried out with a mandatory analysis of the upcoming static and mechanical loads. In case of planning the movement on the laid paving stones of vehicles, placing on it the dimensional structures, for paving should be used strong building materials, and to create the basis - a cement-concrete mixture.


The technology of laying paving tiles in the yard of a private house is largely determined by the relief characteristics of the terrain. If there are large slopes, bumps, hollows that are not subject to levelling, paving is necessary only when using a concrete base. Otherwise, the finished pavement will deform under the influence of natural ground movement, creating well-predicted problems. Paving stone in Toronto is similarly subject to the same type of deformation.

Climatic conditions>

Before laying paving tiles in Toronto to the yard of the house, it is advisable to think about the climatic characteristics of the area. The parameters of the duration of operation of such a surface is greatly influenced by sharp changes in temperature conditions, a significant amount of precipitation, their freezing in the cold season of the year, resulting in the formation of ice crust. Building material and the ways of its fixation choose, having analyzed features of life in the given climatic zone.