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5 reasons why you should contact a landscape designer

Reason 1: Incorrect shape of the site
A garden, like a house, is a reflection of your habits and lifestyle. The main goal of landscape design is comfort. And only then comes the beauty and other components. In turn, the comfort includes many moments, including the convenience of the location of functional zones relative to each other, the shortest and straightest path for their connection, the correct stylistic design, which would harmonize with the surrounding landscape and the house itself. If you are lucky enough to own a perfectly square or rectangular plot, this will make the task a little easier. But in most cases, nature makes its own adjustments to the private ownership of people, and then without a specialist can not do!

Reason 2: difficult terrain
The slopes are particularly charming and picturesque. But sometimes the owners cross out all the "efforts" of nature and with the help of the bulk soil level the area, making it look like a football field. Remember: the difference in altitude is not only beautiful, but also a real chance to increase the useful area of your site. And how exactly, you will be told by a landscape architect, who in this case, too, must be addressed. Captain Handy is the best landscaping assistant in Toronto!

Reason 3: high groundwater
Landscape design is not only a beautiful composition around the house. It also includes the introduction of underground utilities, fences and small architectural forms - sometimes with foundations (e.g. pergolas). The level of groundwater occurrence is of great importance in their development. In addition, if the site is located in a lowland, it can be spring and autumn flooding, and this will adversely affect most plants. This issue will be solved by modern drainage systems and the correct selection of the range of plants. But they need to understand the point, and therefore - it is another indication for addressing to specialists.

Reason 4: Wildlife on the site
In fact, the question is not whether, for example, large forest trees or a natural lake are present on the site, but how to conserve them, adapt them to the architecture of the house and their personal needs. First of all, you need to assess the condition of the "wild" elements - it is possible that the trees are accidental and can fall at any time, and this is a direct threat to buildings, cars, and most importantly, people's lives. In the case of a water body, it is also necessary to determine the degree of its purification and improvement. This is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Our company Captain Handy will help you make the right choice in the field of landscaping!

Reason 5: Implementation of a conceptual idea
In case you want a non-standard site design or to implement an experimental idea that you have been carrying out for years, you shouldn't rely on your own strength. This will definitely lead to a substantial waste of money, but only in rare cases will it succeed. At the same time, the landscape architect will help to realize the conceived, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view, applying theoretical knowledge and experience in the work.