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Landscaping In Toronto

Landscaping in Toronto

Landscape design, landscaping in Toronto
Landscaping in Toronto has long been in demand among homeowners. It is an art form that aims to create harmony and beauty by combining natural resources with the convenience of modern infrastructure. Landscape design includes landscaping and landscaping activities adjacent to the house and other buildings. Such works require special knowledge and skills in this field of activity. The landscape designer is involved in various tasks in crop production, architecture and construction, as opposed to a simple gardener. Specialists of the company "Captain Handy" not the first year I work in the labor market in Toronto and throughout Canada, successfully and competently engaged in landscape design. Popular service in our company - landscape design "turnkey": from designing of a site to carrying out of all planned works and the further service of territory.

Stages of carrying out of landscape works
Land improvement and landscaping include a diverse range of works aimed at creating comfortable living and recreation conditions. One of the business cards of the owner of the site are fences and fences, stylistically competently selected for the style of the house itself. Fences have not only protective functions, but also decorative and aesthetic, being a great addition to the design of the site. Decorate the monotony and reduce the monotony of the landscape will help to decorative plantings that can give freshness and picturesque garden. In each individual case, plants are selected individually in accordance with climatic conditions, soil fertility, lightness and water availability. It is the greenery that plays an important role in landscaping and landscaping, giving it an attractive look and creating environmentally friendly conditions around the house!

Stages of creating a landscape design projectr
The initial stage of landscaping is the design of the site. Landscape design includes a number of necessary documentation and allows you to see in advance visually how the site will look after the end of the work. The list of necessary design documentation includes:

  • sketch plan
  • topographic plan
  • a dendroplan (accompanied by a statement of accounts and assortment)
  • breakout drawing
  • landing drawing
  • list of finishing materials
  • bill of quantities
  • 2D master plan
  • the detailed 3D-project (of course it is possible not to order the 3D-project, having limited only to the 2D-plan, but it will not give visually exact picture of the future site)
  • Preparatory excavation works
    The next stage of the landscape works is a preliminary preparation of the territory: cleaning of garbage, uprooting of old stumps and unnecessary tree plantations, leveling of the surface, digging of pits for water bodies and trenches for communication, preparation of the site for the laying of paths. Our company Captain Handy will help you make the right choice in the field of landscaping!

    Qualified works on improvement of the adjacent territory
    Next come the engineering and construction works - laying of communications, paving of paths and platforms, installation of arbours, greenhouses and arches. Before the plants are planted, all the decorative and design works for landscaping the garden are completed.

    Landscaping of the plot, garden, summer cottages

    Once all of the above steps have been completed, planting is done in accordance with the plan. Beautiful hedges, well-groomed and neatly mowed decorative shrubs and lawns are able to transform your land into a comfortable and cozy corner for life and rest.

    Landscape design in Canada

    The company of landscape building and design "Captain Handy" renders a full complex of services on landscape design. In our command there are such experts as: the landscape architect, the landscape designer, sculptors, the expert in engineering communications, the dendrologist, the florist, experts in work with a stone, three working brigades for performance of works on gardening and an accomplishment. Works that we perform: design, improvement and landscaping, creation of decorative ponds, installation of engineering communications, paving, as well as further maintenance of the territory.