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Stone slab garden paths

Landscaping in Toronto

Before you start, you should prepare the chosen place well - clean it from weeds, stones and pieces of wood, to bring it in line with other paths in the garden. Concrete, gravel and stone can be placed directly on well-prepared soil - other materials need a stable base. To reduce this risk, the sand is placed on a 5-centimetre layer of gravel.

Step 1

First, you can specify the boundaries of the track by placing thin wooden laths along the edges. If you wish, you can use a special cloth to lay out the bottom layer of the track (you can find it in the specialty shops for home and garden) to prevent the sand from mixing with the soil. The ends of the lining should be turned under the wooden laths.

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Step 2

Sprinkle enough sand to cover the form with a 5 cm layer of sand. Align it with a rake or plank. If you're afraid that the rain will wash the sand, put a 5-centimeter layer of gravel (on the lining) in advance!

Step 3

Moisten an even layer of sand with water from the garden hose and sprayer to prevent the sand from blurring out.

Step 4

When you've finished levelling the sand, start ramming it with the ice rink. To achieve the desired effect, you can walk along the wet sand several times - so you get a more stable and solid foundation.

Step 5

Start laying the stone on the already prepared path by pressing it slightly into the sand so that they do not move when walking. Leave a few centimetres of clearance between the plates, but not too much for the track to be stable.

Step 6

To complete the track, fill the joints between the fine gravel elements. If you want a harder surface, use concrete instead of gravel.

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