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Landscaping art in Toronto

Landscaping in Ontario

The art of landscaping in Toronto is based on the fact that everything around us is subject to certain laws and interconnected. Having learned to understand these laws, one can create one's own worlds from the elements already familiar to our eyes. Thus at creation of such worlds it is necessary to pay attention to each detail, to each element of an environment. This is the opinion of our customers who want to revive the area surrounding their country houses. We agree with them as well. For the last 10 years we have been helping to make every such world unique and unlike anything else.

The art of the author's landscape design makes us take care of nature, as well as carefully follow the rules of existence and interaction of all living and non-living on earth. It is only by perceiving landscape design from an artistic point of view that perfect results can be achieved in the creation of gardens.

The process of creating a garden can be divided into the following stages: design and implementation of the project.

Sprinkle enough sand to cover the form with a 5 cm layer of sand. Align it with a rake or plank. If you're afraid that the rain will wash the sand, put a 5-centimeter layer of gravel (on the lining) in advance!

Landscape design. Features of garden design.

Creating a garden with an individual style is a time-consuming, responsible, but also creative work. Here you should not only decorate the landscape, but also look for harmony between the laws of nature, functionality, the wishes of the owner of the house and his family members.

At a stage of landscape designing all thoughts, ideas and wishes concerning shape of the future garden are thought over. Here the uniqueness of the creation largely depends on the experience and knowledge of the architect. When designing a garden, the architect takes care of the harmony of the surrounding space, as a conductor who manages the harmony of an entire symphony orchestra. In this way, the best results can only be achieved through close cooperation between the architect himself and his clients. The results of this cooperation and the skills of our architects will help us to evaluate the examples of landscape projects presented here.

The incarnation of the plan.

At this stage, the immediate landscaping and landscaping of the territory here also depends on the professionalism of the architect and on strict adherence to what he had planned at the design stage. This includes the choice of suitable material and all the necessary work on the conduct of landscape lighting, irrigation systems, paths and playgrounds, drainage systems.

Start laying the stone on the already prepared path by pressing it slightly into the sand so that they do not move when walking. Leave a few centimetres of clearance between the plates, but not too much for the track to be stable.