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Garden design

Landscaping in Toronto

Our company Captain Handy creates individual projects for garden design, landscaping in Toronto, and we perform them in accordance with modern architectural trends. Our experts will come to you on object, will listen to all your requirements, wishes and will offer you the most suitable design of a garden, taking into account thus appearance of constructions in territory of a site.

The garden design project is primarily aimed at creating a pleasant atmosphere on the garden plot, it must be in line with the philosophy and spirit of the owner and, of course, in harmony with the already built house.

Styles of garden design. Landscape design of the garden

One of the most popular and widespread is the classic garden design. It is more suitable for people who like precision and accuracy. This style is characterized by clear lines and shapes, vegetation is distributed as evenly as possible. The basis of the composition of such a garden is an architectural structure, such as a fountain or flower bed. Plants choose not fast growing plants, and to maintain the consistency of the forms are often trimmed.

For people who like the natural beauty of nature, a landscape style is more suitable. In this case, the landscape designer on the garden plot will create an atmosphere of natural harmony for you in the surrounding landscape. This style is characterised by smooth, fuzzy shapes. Changing the shape and appearance of the plants plays only a positive role in creating a beautiful garden landscape.

For lovers of the East and its culture the ideal solution would be a garden in Japanese or Chinese style. In a Japanese garden, the main purpose of the design is to create a small model of the world in the garden. Here, stones replace mountains, small waterfalls symbolize rivers, and stone paths imitate large bridges. In the Chinese garden, landscaping works are aimed at creating space for privacy, contemplation of nature and its beauty.

From year to year the project of garden design in modern style becomes more and more popular and popular. In this style there are no restrictions for the imagination, both the customer and the designer. It can be non-standard forms of benches, various mosaics and simple garden furniture with paintings. However, there are several rules here, the main one being the creation of large open spaces in the garden.

Captain Handy will perform any landscaping work. We have extensive experience in this field, and more than one Toronto and Ontario resident is convinced of the professionalism of our office. We offer different variants of garden decoration, each our client is satisfied, because we realize